What we do


Our reputation and long standing in the business has allowed us to forge connections with suppliers across the Globe, from America to Africa. Our sourcing teams in India are some of the most technically competent, able to co-ordinate the buying of equipment of complex infrastructure projects

Delivery control

The quality and assurance processes are second to none, with nearly all of our shipments reaching to their specified destination. Logistics has become more complicated in the last decade, with various governments, systems and technology involved at different stages of the process. Our know-how in the field enables us to deliver projects on time and at minimal cost.

Vendor Inspections

Our teams regularly conduct, attend and arrange Factory Acceptance Tests, ensuring that all of the goods are of premium quality and from reputable manufacturers. Some of our Suppliers include conglomerates such as Siemens, Schneider Electric and Honeywell.

Customer Service

Our customer service is given the utmost importance and we aspire to leave no customer unattended. We ensure quality, timely service to all of our customers and often arrange for technical teams to travel to various sites around the world to ensure that any urgent or non-urgent situations are handled, resulting in the minimum loss to the client.


Our projects range from the 33kV to the 330kV level in the Power Sector, largely in the Transmission and Distribution Field. We facilitate the process from the design and procurement stage, to the testing and commissioning stage. Our future aims in this particular sector are to complete 765kV and 1200kV projects.