Equipment Exported

Centurian has been involved in the Power sector for over a decade. Reliable energy systems are a key to successful business today. With African Economies developing tremendously in this field, Centurian is placed in a key position in the market today, with vast experience in the terrain. Centurian provides HV and LV equipments ranging from 330 kV Transformers to a variety of switchgear and is able to integrate all of these products into a single system.

   Executing projects safely with the best quality, cost and time
   Power Transformers ranging from 5MVA to 315MVA, up to 330KV Voltage level
   Distribution Transformers of all capacities
   Switchgear up to 330KV
   Power & Control Cables for wide range of voltages
   Batteries and Chargers
   Protection and Control Panels
   Telecommunication, SAS and RTU Equipment
   Ring Main Units(RMUs)and Auto Reclosers
   Mobile Substations
   Steel-structure Tower for various substation applications